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Publications: SDM 2017

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Publications: SDM 2017

Liang Wu, Jundong Li, Xia Hu, Huan Liu. “Gleaning Wisdom from the Past: Early Detection of Emerging Rumors in Social Media".

Suhang Wang, Charu Aggarwal, and Huan Liu. “Using a Random Forest to Inspire a Neural Network and Improving on It".

Suhang Wang, Yilin Wang, Jiliang Tang, Charu Aggarwal, Suhas Ranganath, and Huan Liu. “Exploiting Hierarchical Structures for Unsupervised Feature Selection”.

Suhang Wang, Jiliang Tang, Charu Aggarwal, Yi Chang, and Huan Liu. “Signed Network Embedding in Social Media


Jundong Li, Liang Wu, Osmar R. Zaïane and Huan Liu. “Toward Personalized Relational Learning”.