Accepted Papers

  1. Examining Botnet Behaviors for Propaganda Dissemination: A Case Study of ISIL’s Beheading Videos-based Propaganda
    • Samer Al-khateeb and Nitin Agarwal
  2. Twitter fingerprints as active authenticators
    • Alex Brown and Myriam Abramson,
  3. Population Behavior Analysis of Chinese University Students via Digital Campus Cards
    • Shilin Fan, Ping Li, Ting Liu, and Lixue Chen,
  4. Exploiting Class Bias for Discovery of Topical Experts in Social Media
    • Iuliia Chepurna and Masoud Makrehchi,
  5. Identifying Behavioral Characteristics in EGM Gambling Data Using Session Clustering
    • Gabriella Mosquera and Vlado Keselj